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Description: The Centre for Writing and Communication (CWC) works closely with the academic community in Ashoka to develop critical thinking, writing and communication skills. It was established in 2014 to create a space for discussions on writing and academic research. Since then it has been catering to the burgeoning demand in academic spaces for dedicated intervention in and engagement with academic writing, communication and critical thinking. It is one of the largest centres in Ashoka University and contributes towards interdisciplinary interactions between students, faculty and staff members to strengthen Ashoka’s ethos for innovative and interactive curriculum as well as pedagogy.

One-on-one appointments

The one-on-one tutoring sessions provided by the CWC are crucial to providing individualised feedback to students through all stages of their academic writing—from brainstorming ideas, to logically developing arguments and finally revising their work. These are open to students across disciplines and levels of study. In the academic year 2019-20, CWC conducted 1101 hours of one-on-one sessions (till Dec 2019).



The course-specific workshops designed and conducted by the CWC address the most fundamental aspects of critical thinking required for writing and communication. For Introduction to Critical Thinking courses, CWC’s workshops are built into the curriculum and are mandatory. For other courses, they are optional and need based. CWC provides year-long English language support to students. Starting with an Academic Bridge Programme conducted for incoming students in the summer, the support extends to English Communication and Intermediate English Communication courses in the Monsoon and Spring semesters respectively. These are credited-courses.

Creative Events

Besides course-specific activities, the CWC organizes a broad range of creative and research activities that address a variety of skills under the umbrella of writing and communication. These events innovatively draw upon and analyse a diverse range of activities and media which are part of our daily lives: news, email, music, internet, media, board games, photographs, food, and jokes, to name a few. These are open to the public and follow a participatory format. Our creative programmes are designed and executed by the CWC team members and invited experts including activists, writers, performers, journalists, translators and scholars.


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