About Cabinet

At Tarang, the Environment Ministry, we work towards creating a sustainable, clean and healthy living space within the Ashoka campus. We engage with the student body in an attempt to build a general consciousness about living sustainably, recycling, segregating waste and generating awareness about environmental concerns within and beyond the limits of the university.

Our mandate is:

  • Ensure regular communication and coordination with the university operations teams on environment related issues.
  • Reduce carbon footprint, resource usage, food wastage and other unsustainable practices on campus.
  • Inculcate an environment-friendly culture on campus through regular dissemination of information and knowledge of eco-friendly practices.
  • Ensure events on campus are conducted in an eco-friendly manner.
  • Encourage waste segregation, recycling and composting on campus.
  • Help the university and the larger Ashoka community in handling air pollution
  • Assist the Student Government in mobilization and national engagement on climate justice and environment.





Deputy Minister



Team Members

Research and Logistics:

Shradha Dutta (UG24) Shubh Bafna (UG25)
Tanya Mehra (UG25)
Himangi Parekh (UG25)
Varun Khetan (UG27)

Events and Collaborations:

Ganesh Naidu (ASP24)
Raveera Singh (UG24)
Prisha Mundra (UG25)
Arushi Malhotra (UG27)
Riya Jain (UG27)

Content and Design:

Isha Singh (UG25)
Bhavana Gudnavar (UG25)
Aishanya Gupta (UG24)
Anika Urs (UG25)
Suprabh Raj Joshi (UG27)

Social Media and Marketing:

Arya Kulkarni (UG24)
Arav Patel (UG24)
Sakshi Kate (UG27)
Diya Agrawal (UG27)

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