The Ministry of Community Well-Being is one of the 7 ministries of Ashoka that works closely with the ACWB along with other bodies, offices and ministries in order to facilitate the well-being of every member in the Ashokan community by promoting inclusivity, ease of accessibility and fostering sensitivity and awareness. This ministry pursues projects in three areas: Infirmary and Sexual Health; Mental Health and Staff Welfare and Health.


  • Focus on improving current facilities for physical health on campus.
  • Fostering a more sensitive and aware campus regarding Mental Health.
  • Creating safe platforms and spaces for starting conversations around the topic of Mental Health through workshops and collaborations with ACWB.
  • Fostering awareness and importance about sexual health on campus.
  • Researching and introducing mechanisms and services to ease accessibility to persons with — hearing, learning/cognitive, motor, visual disabilities.
  • Fostering a more disability inclusive, sensitive and aware campus.
  • Facilitating a more unified and cohesive campus for the entire Ashoka community.
  • Working on staff-welfare and the needs of the staff.
  • Aims to spread and inculcate awareness and preparedness for emergency situations.
  • Creating more safe spaces and platforms for starting conversations about the issues on inclusivity.
  • Researching on ideas and mechanisms to make Ashoka a more inclusive space.

Team Members


Akarsh Pahuja - Minister

Team Members

Vini Desai
Dhanya Sahana Inuganti
Sachin Kumar
Prarthna Middha
Utsavi Prakash
kenisha Chandak
Mugdha Joshi
Ayush Rawat
Garima Upadhyay
Kavya Sondhi
Anushka Mehrotra
Jasmine Bajaj
Navya Sachdeva
Sarah Cherian
Padmasritha Morusupalli
Vaishnavi Mathur
Mihika Kulkarni
Sukriti Chawla
Molly Dhawan

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