About Cabinet

The Sports Ministry in your university is dedicated to maintaining top-notch sporting facilities and fostering a positive sporting culture. We aim to encourage active participation in competitive sports and value commitment from every member, ensuring equal participation in decision-making processes. In addition to our core responsibilities, the ministry addresses various issues, including providing essential equipment to those in need, enhancing the quality of food for athletes, organizing sports-related extra-curriculars, and tackling toxicity in sports. We prioritize student input, believing in a collaborative approach to bridge the gap between the ministry and the student body.

Our mandate is:

  • Ensure communication with the administration on sports.
  • Push for adequate facilities and ensuring proper maintenance of existing facilities.
  • Provide support to students representing Ashoka in sports.
  • Cultivate a community sporting spirit.
  • Work towards more efficient organisation of sports events.
  • Bridge the gap between sports and academics.
  • Promote physical literacy on campus.
  • Empower sportspersons by highlighting their achievements.


Pranav Koka


Riya Jethithor

Deputy Minister

Aryamaan Girish

Deputy Minister

Team Members

Athlete Representative

Prithvi Bapna


Rehaan Raha (HOD)
Akhil Madhavan (HOD)
Saransh Goel
Arya Shah
Aarya Toshniwal
Sarthak Gandhi
Divyanshi Kaushik
Prabhveer Bedi
Artharva Dawar
Snehal Papnoi
Zaahrah Merchant
Sridhanya Karumanchi.


Manya Malhotra (HOD)
Nikhil Mishra
Chitrakshi Siwach
Anurag Moyde


Shveni Anjaria (HOD)
Dhrthi Bhat
Fatima Zahra
Serene Joshua
Aadya Shukla Tiwari
Tanisha Iyer


Bhavya Gupta (HOD)
Lakshya Bamal
Keshav Agrawal
Vaibhav Saraf
Neetya Batra
Gautam Gupta.

Social Media & Marketing

Shyan Sahadev(HOD)
Simar Bawa
Veer Kagrecha
Hrishita Ghosh

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