Ashokan culture is a diverse set of ideas, identities, backgrounds, and interests. The Cultural Ministry, also known as Jazbaa, brings all these aspects together and makes the most out of it by ensuring a diverse and continuous set of engaging activities on campus. The ministry works on materializing the inclusivity in on-campus events by collaborating with the student body and over 30 clubs and societies on campus, along with building and maintaining an engagement with the world outside of Ashoka by encouraging intercollegiate events participation. It tries to ensure that all Ashokans find time to take breaks and replenish through socializing and investing in activities outside of the classroom. The Cultural Ministry, in essence, brings Ashoka to life.


  • Encourage community engagement and student participation in cultural activities
  • Ensure communication with the administration on cultural affairs
  • Regularly seek feedback from the student body about the cultural experience on campus
  • Improve the frequency of events on campus, in keeping with the university policies
  • Promote collaboration and harmony between clubs and societies, and provide them with the necessary logistical support and assistance when a request is made
  • Increase involvement of clubs and societies in events both on-campus and at the inter-collegiate level
  • Help continue existing campus traditions, and establish new ones
  • Facilitate the celebration of religious, cultural and ethnic festivals
  • Maintain and record communications with corresponding cultural bodies of other colleges
  • Improve frequency and volume of participation in inter-collegiate events
  • Voting seat on Fest Secretary Interviews for the University‚Äôs cultural fest: Banjaara


Vamika Dadoo


Saransh Goel

Deputy Minister

Anusha Jaipuriar

Deputy Minister

Team Members


Amishi Gupta (UG 25) - HOD
Adviti Gautam (UG 25) - HOD
Naysa khemlani (UG 27) - Deputy HOD
Isha Rajput (UG 25) - Deputy HOD

Social Media

Riya Gupta (UG 25) - HOD
Anwita Gopalka (UG 25) - HOD


Anirudha Ahluwalia (UG 25) - HOD

Club Societies & intercollegiate Team

Anoushka Kamath (UG 24) - HOD
Avisikta Sinha (UG 25) - HOD

Content Communication

Tanvi Jain (UG 25) - HOD
Namrita A (UG 25) - HOD

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