The Campus Life Ministry is responsible for representing the diverse interests of students at Ashoka in the areas of residence life, dining, transport, and security. The Ministry strives to ensure that the everyday life of students on campus is pleasant and comfortable.


  • Ensure open communication between the administration and student body about campus life related concerns
  • Facilitate redressal of grievances about campus experience
  • Collect feedback about campus experience and suggest policy and facility changes based on collected data
  • Periodically review campus life policies and suggest amendments to protect student interests
  • Monitor the quality of services and amenities on campus
  • Represent the student body in the Vendors Management Committee and the Mess Committee
  • Document the changes to campus life through policies and amenities at Ashoka

Team Members


Niyati Pendekanti - Advisor
Paarthvi Raj Singh - Minister
Nishant Kumar - Deputy Minister
Aditi Gupta - Deputy Minister


Tanya Chatterjee - HOD

Residence Life

Urja Hansraj - HOD

Policy & Research

Dia Daryanani - HOD

Website and Media

Kenisha Chandak - HOD

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Ashoka University Student Government

The role of the AUSG is to represent the interests and concerns of the student body, to provide services and support to the student body, to advocate for student welfare in a diverse, just and liberal environment, to foster a sense of belonging and community among students, to promote social responsibility and help enhance the quality of education and student experience by engaging with faculty and administration.

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