Campus Life Ministry

Vision: To work towards ensuring a better and more vibrant campus for all communities on campus, to make Ashoka more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. Our mandate is to:

  • Ensure communication between the Administration and student body about residence life, food, and transport

  • Facilitate redressal of grievances about campus experience

  • Collect suggestions and feedback about the campus experience

  • Facilitate positive interaction between the various communities on campus

  • Work on revising campus life policies, procedures and their implementation

  • Improving the quality of services and amenities on campus

  • Look for more non-research job opportunities for students on campus

  • Represent the student body in the Vendors Management Committee and the Mess Committee


Points of Contact

Niyati Pendekanti (UG23)

Anoushka Singh (UG24)


Advaith Jayakumar

Ananya Gupta

Soham Bagchi