About Cabinet

The Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs (MPA) works to bridge the gap between the Student Government and the Student Body. It aids the House of Representatives in its functioning and acts as an advisory body to it when it comes to structural policies of the SG. MPA also documents the work done by the Student Government and maintains comprehensive records of House meetings in order to ensure transparency. The ministry also maintains the outreach platforms of the SG (including its social media) with the aim to increase Ashokans' engagement with the SG.

Our mandate is to:

  • Manage the Outreach platforms of the Student Government
  • Provide mechanisms for students to ask questions, redress grievances, and offer feedback to the Student Government
  • Keep a standardized catalog of House documents, inter alia, records and reports
  • Assist the House of Representatives in its logistical functioning as and when required
  • Provide policy suggestions for the better functioning of the House of Representatives and to an extent the larger Student Government
  • Help make the House of Representatives more transparent and accessible
  • Prepare monthly reports for the Student Government's work and hold Question Hours where students can question them on the same.
  • Help increase engagement of the student body with the Student Government via events, interaction sessions and other mechanisms
  • Foster awareness about the Student Government and its work

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Ashoka University Student Government

The role of the AUSG is to represent the interests and concerns of the student body, to provide services and support to the student body, to advocate for student welfare in a diverse, just and liberal environment, to foster a sense of belonging and community among students, to promote social responsibility and help enhance the quality of education and student experience by engaging with faculty and administration.

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