Ashoka University Student Government, 2023-2024

On behalf of the Ashoka University Student Government (AUSG), it gives us immense pleasure to welcome you to Ashoka University! We are extremely pleased to have you join the Ashokan community.

The AUSG is a governing body run by the students to represent collective demands of the student body and help facilitate communication with the university's administration.

The AUSG's governing document is the Student Government Constitution. It comprises the academic councils, the House of Representatives (HoR) and the Ministries. You can learn more about each of these bodies and how they make up the SG here (insert link here)

It is our hope that every student at Ashoka has a wonderful undergraduate experience and can experience Ashoka at its best during their stay here. We, as the Student Government, are working to ensure that this is the case for all of you.

With that we hope during your time here at Ashoka, you get to try out new interests and enjoy the company of your peers. We wish you the very best of luck, during your time at Ashoka and in all your future endeavours.

Sankalp Dasmahopatra


Tamanna Parikh

Vice President


Introducing SG's Ticketing Service

Raise your concerns with ministries without the hassle of emailing them here.

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Ashoka University Student Government

The role of the AUSG is to represent the interests and concerns of the student body, to provide services and support to the student body, to advocate for student welfare in a diverse, just and liberal environment, to foster a sense of belonging and community among students, to promote social responsibility and help enhance the quality of education and student experience by engaging with faculty and administration.

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