Ministry of Academic Affairs

At the Ministry of Academic Affairs, we aim to act as a bridge between the students and the administration. We wish to facilitate a healthy and smooth academic learning experience for students and to do so, the ministry closely works with various administrative offices as well as academic departments.

Our mandate is to:

  • Coordinate with the Academic Advisory Board and oversee its appointment

  • Improving library services and infrastructure

  • Ensure communication between OAA and student body

  • Facilitate redressal of academic grievances

  • Collect suggestions and feedback about academic experience

  • Facilitate interactions with faculty in an informal environment


Minister: Yasashvi Paarakh


Deputy Minister: Shambhavi Lal


Resources Department:

  • Mirra Venugopalan Lynn (she/her) (UG23)

  • Juhi Negi (she/her) (UG23)

Departments, Academic Advisory Board and Societies Department:

  • Dipanita Malik (she/her) (UG22)

  • Shubhi Pal (she/her) (UG23)

  • Gauri Dasgupta (she/her) (UG22)

  • Soumya Marri (she/her) (UG23)

  • Raghav Nayyar (he/him) (UG23)

Community Outreach Department:

  • Ananya Bathla (she/her) (UG23)

  • Neeraja Srinivasan (she/her) (UG24)

  • Kahaan Shah (he/him) (UG24)

Office of Academic Affairs and Policy Department:

  • Hiya Chowdhary (she/her) (UG23)

  • Divya Suchak (she/her) (UG23)

  • Harsh Gupta (he/him) (UG23)

  • Rohan Chopra (he/him) (UG23)

  • Swagata Das (she/her) (UG22)

Well-Being and Inclusivity Department:

  • Rajvee Parikh (she/her) (UG23)

  • Surabhi Singh (she/her) (UG22)

  • Nikita Sethi (she/her) (UG23)