The Ministry of Academic Affairs is concerned with overseeing and improving the academic experiences of all stakeholders at Ashoka University. It is envisioned to create an immersive academic culture among Ashokan students and promote academic-friendly spaces within the campus.

Over the years, the MAA has worked on several projects with the Office of Academic Affairs, ACWB, Library team, and others to foster our goals of an academically involved and inclusive campus. For the current academic year, we hope to focus on inclusivity and improving academic infrastructure on campus, in terms of policies and academic resources available for students.


  • Ensure regular communication with the Office of Academic Affairs and the larger administration concerning academic affairs, representing the interests of the Student body.
  • Collect information on academic problems faced by the students and propose solutions, in coordination with the Office of Academic Affairs.
  • Disseminate information regarding academic policies.
  • Provide academic resources to students to ensure a smooth academic experience.
  • Coordinate with the Academic Advisory Board and oversee its appointment.
  • Conduct the FC Student Representatives’ Election.
  • Coordinate with academic societies and ensure they engage actively with the student body.
  • Improving library services and infrastructure.
  • Work with the Office of Learning Support.

Team Members


Shreedaya Arvind

OAA & Policy

Kahaan Shah
Tanya Chatterjee
Sania Bharagava
Nikita Bose
Fatima Zahra


Fiona Arora
Riya Ray Chaudhary
Aadya Sood

Wellbeing & Inclusivity

Esha Anand
Tanvi Jain
Kabir Singhania

AAB, Departments and Societies

Karan Goel
Yashika Singla
Prisha Bajaj
Andrea Fernandez

Community Outreach

Ayushi Purwar
Naisha Kamboj

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Ashoka University Student Government

The role of the AUSG is to represent the interests and concerns of the student body, to provide services and support to the student body, to advocate for student welfare in a diverse, just and liberal environment, to foster a sense of belonging and community among students, to promote social responsibility and help enhance the quality of education and student experience by engaging with faculty and administration.

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