Ministry of Academic Affairs

At the Ministry of Academic Affairs, we aim to act as a bridge between the students and the administration. We wish to facilitate a healthy and smooth academic learning experience for students and to do so, the ministry closely works with various administrative offices as well as academic departments.

Our mandate is to:

  • Coordinate with the Academic Advisory Board and oversee its appointment

  • Improving library services and infrastructure

  • Ensure communication between OAA and student body

  • Facilitate redressal of academic grievances

  • Collect suggestions and feedback about academic experience

  • Facilitate interactions with faculty in an informal environment


Minister: Yasashvi Paarakh


Deputy Minister: Shambhavi Lal


Resources Department

Diya Anand (UG24)

Tamanna Parikh (UG24)

Departments, Academic Advisory Board and Societies Department

Raghav Nayyar (UG23)

Ryan Pillai (UG24)

Vedika Bagla (UG24)

Community Outreach Department

Diya Roongta (UG24)

Neeraja Srinivasan (UG24)

Nidhi Kalagarla (UG24)

Office of Academic Affairs and Policy Department

Harsh Gupta (UG23)

Kahaan Shah (UG24)

Rohan Chopra (UG23)

Sankalp Dasmohapatra (UG24)

Tanya Chatterjee (UG23)

Well-Being and Inclusivity Department

Aniruddha Methi (UG23)

Avishi Srivastava (UG23)

Rajvee Parikh (UG23)