Technology Ministry

The Ministry of Technology is responsible for ensuring a reliable and secure technology infrastructure by providing technological solutions that improve the academic and institutional life of the university. Through the provision of technological solutions to student issues, the improvement of technology infrastructure on campus and exploration of possible environmental benefits of using technology on campus, the Ministry is committed to making our campus more environmentally and technologically friendly.

Our mandate is to:

  • Ensure communication with the administration on technology

  • Find and propose technological solutions for recurrent issues of the students

  • Improve the quality of technology infrastructure on campus

  • Work with the OLS to ensure good tech support for students with special needs

  • Facilitate students to deploy usable projects on campus

  • Explore use of technology to make the campus environmentally more sustainable

  • Push for better privacy and security measures for sensitive personal information and university’s technology infrastructure.


Minister: Bertrand Kwibuka

(he/him) (ASP 22)

Deputy Minister: Bhavye Jain

(he/him) (UG 23)

Software, Hardware, and Systems Department:

  • Aditya Agarwal (he/him) (UG24)

  • Advita Shrivastava (she/her) (UG24)

  • Anaya Chakrawarti (she/her) (UG24)

  • Jigyansu Rout (he/him) (UG24)

  • Thomas Lifuti (he/him) (UG23)

Communication and Documentation Department:

  • Karan Chawla (he/him) (UG24)

Finance Department:

  • Anirudh Krishnan (he/him) (UG24)

Research, Policy and Projects department:

HoD: Suraj Gupta (UG’24) (he/him)

  • Kartikeya Reddy (he/him) (UG23)

  • Thomas Lifuti (he/him) (UG23)

  • Karan Chawla (he/him) (UG24)