Environment Ministry (Tarang)

At Tarang, The Environment Ministry, we strive to facilitate conversation around environmental issues and sustainability amongst the Ashokan community. Our work involves building awareness through activities, events, and drives, and undertaking projects alongside the university's administration to reduce our carbon and material footprints.

Our mandate is:

  • Ensure communication with the administration on environment

  • Encourage waste segregation, recycling and composting

  • Reduce and manage food waste

  • Assist and educate students in handling pollution

  • Explore and expand biodiversity of flora

  • Regulate water and energy usage and efficiency

  • Monitor and reduce carbon footprint of the campus

  • Inculcate an environment-friendly culture on campus through regular dissemination of information and knowledge of eco-friendly practices

  • Ensure any events on campus are conducted in an eco-friendly manner

  • Create formal and informal avenues for students to report environmental problems


Minister: Manasi Narula

(UG 23) (she/her)

Deputy Minister: Abhiir Bhalla

(UG 22) (he/him)


  • Anjali Dalmia (UG'22) (she/they)

  • Ashana Mathur (UG’22) (she/her)

Content Team:

HoD: Manan Chhugani (UG’23) (he/him)

  • Ashana Mathur (UG’22) (she/her)

  • Gayatri Sapru (UG’24)

  • Kasturi (UG’24) (she/her)

  • Kiara Driver (UG’23) (she/her)

  • Navya Gaddam (UG’23) (she/her)

  • R. Aishwarya (UG’24) (she/her)

  • Tanisha Singh (UG’22) (she/her)

  • Tanmay Singh (UG'22) (he/him)

  • Veda D (UG’22) (she/her)

Events Team

HoD: Suraj Gupta (UG’24) (he/him)

  • Arzoo Gupta (UG’23) (she/her)

  • Ishita Ahuja (UG’23) (she/her)

  • Kritika Shanker (UG’24)

  • Ananya Rajaram (UG’24) (she/her)

  • Saumya Seth (UG’23) (she/her)

  • Shree Rungta (UG’23) (she/her)

  • Sonakshi Gupta (UG’23) (she/her)

  • Vrinda Jain (UG’24)

Social Media and Marketing Team

  • Khushi Shetty (HoD) (UG’22)

  • Ananya Bathla (UG’23)

  • Arpita Ghosh (UG’23) (she/her)

  • Dhrthi Bhat (UG’23) (she/her)

  • Sanyukta Singh (UG’23) (she/her)

Projects Team:

Co-HoD: Akshali Gugle (UG’23)

Co-HoD: Meher Singh (UG’24)

  • Ananya Mittal (UG’24) (any pronouns)

  • Arpita Ghosh (UG’23) (she/her)

  • Harsh Gupta (UG’23) (he/him)

  • Ishita Chibb Sharma (UG’23) (she/her)

  • Kasturi (UG’24) (she/her)

  • Kripa Krishna (UG’23) (she/her)

  • Lavanya Rathi (UG’24) (she/her)

  • Ananya Rajaram (UG’24) (she/her)

  • Samica Vasisht (UG’22) (she/her)

  • Saumya Seth (UG’23) (she/her)

  • Tanisha Singh (UG’22) (she/her)