Sports Ministry

The Sports Ministry works relentlessly to ensure immaculately maintained sporting facilities, cultivate a wholesome sporting culture, and encourage participation in competitive sports. Every member of the ministry is expected to show commitment to the ministry’s vision and is promised respect and equal participation in any decision making. Apart from department specific work, the Sports Ministry will work on, and be open to, many other issues such as (but not limited to) providing spare equipment (e.g. Non-marking shoes) to those who do not have access to it, improving the quality of food available to sportspeople, sports co-curriculars and extra-curriculars, and finding an answer to: What goes into fighting toxicity in sports? How do we deal with this systemic problem?

The ministry will also work on all ideas brought to the table by the members and the student body. We believe in making the ministry and the concept of sports closer to the student body, and we can’t do that if we don’t know the students’ reactions to certain ideas.

Our mandate is to:

  • Ensure communication with the administration on sports

  • Push for adequate facilities and ensuring proper maintenance of existing facilities.

  • Provide support to students representing Ashoka in sports.

  • Cultivate a community sporting spirit.

  • Work towards more efficient organisation of sports events

  • Bridge the gap between sports and academics.

  • Promote physical literacy on campus.

  • Empower sportspersons by highlighting their achievements.


Ministry POC: Abhyuday Sen (he/him) (UG22)

Deputy Minister: Dhrthi Bhat (she/her) (UG23)

HoD Competitive Sports Dept.:

Arjun Khanna (he/him) (UG23)

Co-HoD Infrastructure Dept.:

Ayush Mistry (he/him) (UG22)

Co-HoD Infrastructure Dept.:

Srishti Jain (she/her) (UG22)

HoD Social Media Dept.:

Gauri Bhawkar (she/her) (UG22)

HoD Community Sports Dept.:

Rivan Sengupta (he/him) (UG23)

HoD Gender Inclusivity Dept.:

Uttara Jadeja (she/they) (UG22)

Ananya Bathla (she/her) (UG23)

Shruti Kraleti (she/her) (UG23)

Pratha Srivastava (she/her) (UG22)

Yash Shroff (he/him) (UG22)

Dipanita Malik (she/her) (UG22)

Anuja Shah (she/her) (UG22)

Alatakshi Gosain (she/her) (UG22)

Ayush Agarwal (he/him) (UG22)

Aniruddh Vaddadi (he/him) (UG22)

Ridhi Saksena (she/her) (UG22)

Suraj Gupta (he/him) (UG24)

Aastha Narain (she/her) (UG24)

Shveni Anjaria (she/her) (UG24)

Riya Jethithor (she/her) (UG24)

Priana Brar (she/her) (UG22)

Rubab Ali Punjabi (she/her) (UG24)

Victoria Stanley (she/her) (UG24)