Finance Ministry

The Finance Ministry has been dedicated to upholding transparency and accountability of the SG by framing its annual budget and maintaining accurate records of all its finances. It has expanded its ambit of operations by also focusing on financial literacy on campus, events, fundraisers and research grants.

Our mandate is to:

  • Propose the bi-annual budgets to the House, keeping in mind the election mandate and requirements and suggestions of the student body

  • Ensure that funds are dispensed and utilised responsibly

  • Maintain open and transparent records of all transactions, to ensure maximum accountability

  • Prepare monthly reports and bi-annual reports of all financial activities of the SG

  • Prepare quarterly expenditure value reports.


Ministry PoC: Vrinda Bhardwaj

(UG 22)

Core Team:

  • Aarushi Baser (UG'23)

Head of Accounts

  • Mehul Gupta (UG'22)

Head of Events:

  • Anirudh Krishnan (UG'24)

Head of Social Media & Outreach:

  • Tanya Mahajan (UG'24)

Head of Reimbursements:

  • Daivik Alva (UG'22)

  • Abhay Madaan (UG'24)