Ministry of Community Wellbeing

The Ministry of Community Well-Being works closely with the ACWB and the infirmary in order to facilitate the physical, mental and sexual well-being of every member in the Ashokan community by promoting inclusivity, ease of accessibility and fostering sensitivity and awareness.

Our mandate is to:

  • Focus on improving current facilities for physical health on campus.

  • Fostering a more sensitive and aware campus regarding Mental Health.

  • Creating safe platforms and spaces for starting conversations around the topic of Mental Health with collaborations with ACWB.

  • Fostering awareness and importance about sexual health on campus.

  • Researching and introducing mechanisms and services to ease accessibility to persons with --- hearing, learning/cognitive, motor, visual disabilities.

  • Fostering a more disability inclusive, sensitive and aware campus.

  • Facilitating a more unified and cohesive campus for the entire Ashoka community.

  • Working on staff-welfare and the needs of the staff.

  • Aims to spread and inculcate awareness and preparedness for emergency situations.

  • Creating more safe spaces and platforms for starting conversations about the issues on inclusivity.

  • Researching on ideas and mechanisms to make Ashoka a more inclusive space.


Adhya Kaza (she/her) (UG’23)

Ananta Bhushan (she/her) (UG’23)

Anshika Jhamb (she/her) (UG’22)

Anukampa (she/her) (UG’22)

Ariyamala Sivakumar (she/her) (UG’23)

Arushi Sharma (she/her) (UG’23)

Ashana Mathur (she/her) (UG’22)

Ashlesha Purohit (she/her) (UG’23)

Avishi Srivastava (she/her) (UG’23)

Ishita Sharma (she/her) (UG’23)

Khushi Bhatia (she/her) (UG’22)

Manav Sharma (he/they) (UG’23)

Miloni Shah (she/her) (UG’23)

Nidhish Birhade (he/him) (UG’22)

Nishtha Das (she/her) (UG’23)

Nivedita Gautam (she/they) (ASP‘22)

Pankhudi Narayan (she/her) (UG’23)

Priyal Sethi (she/her) (UG’23)

Qudsia Rahman (she/her) (UG’23)

Rajvee Parikh (she/her) (UG’23)

Rhea Khandelwal (she/her) (UG’23)

Taera Shapoorjee (they/them) (ASP‘22)

Tanvee Sherawat (she/her) (UG’22)